Hard Drive Cleaner Options - Manual and Automatic

Improvements can be made in computer performance by employing cleanup techniques to clean out unwanted files on your computer. The computer can run faster the less files there are that need to be sorted and managed by the drive. Any spare space that is recovered after cleanup is complete will increase system performance when there is lots of free space to work with. And defragmentation is more effective when there is lots of free space. And with your private data out of reach there is less chance that they are taken and abused by anybody that is not authorized to view them.

Search the internet and you will find many cleanup tools that in each case, view the HDD analysis & cleaning process in their own style. A popular example is the 'hard drive cleaner' like this one, some are commercial products and others are free. But this is not all these applications can perform; several of these can also get rid of old data from free space, scan and remove inappropriate material, discover and clean copyrighted material, and show the distribution of data on your HDD.

Hard disk analysis and cleaning tools can be loosely categorized into just a few classes. The most common of these are the the 'disk cleaner' or 'file cleaner' class utilities such as the 'Disk Cleanup' utility that comes with Microsoft operating systems, that delete any unused files and give back usable space in the process. There are 'PC privacy' tools which delete internet history and delete traces of things you have typed while searching in Internet Explorer, tools such as Evidence Eliminator. Another category is the 'porn eraser', which detects the location of porno files and a range of other inappropriate files and can manage the cleanup of the ones that should not be there. Still another class of cleaning software is the data erasing program which, by writing random garbage over existing data, completely erases it found in unused areas of the disk, so that nobody else can find it.

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