The Path To Godliness - Make Your Hard Disk Cleaner

Cleaning up your computer's hard disk is not difficult. Seriously, it's not that hard. There are so many hard disk cleaning products out there that the most difficult part of the whole process is finding the right software for the job. Firstly you have to make a decision about what you want to clean off your hard disk, for example you might want to clean out your temporary files, or you might want search the hard disk for old files, or you might want to look for particularly large files that are taking up huge chunks of your hard disk. Alternatively you might be interested in detecting the presence of pornography hidden amongst the files on your harddrive. Perhaps there is someone in your family that spends a little bit too much time surfing 'pron' and saving naughty files to your disk. Or perhaps you had a malware infection and bits of porn advertising are scattered all around the place.

In any case, deciding what you want to clean off your disk is one of the most difficult parts, and now that that's over with we can talk a bit about the various tools that are available out there in Internet land. If your interest is in detecting and cleaning up any pornography from your hard disk, there are a few really great tools that I can mention straight off the bat. 'Media Detective' and 'Snitch Plus' are two of the most popular disk cleaning products available at this time. They are designed to quickly scan your disk, looking through all the files and trying to find any that contain nudity or sexual content. This includes files like images and videos, Internet history, porn software, documents, compressed files, Office documents and so forth. You can download a trial of each hard disk cleaner here and here.

If you are just seeking a tool to clean up unwanted files as mentioned in the first paragraph, you can try some of the free products out there for example a program like CCleaner utility which is meant to look for those files that are unused or just taking up space on your hard disk, including temporary files and the like. also things like huge video files that you've watched already, temporary Internet files and so forth. Check out Google for that one.

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