Get Ready To Remove Porn

Applications specifically designed to remove porn and clean up a computer drives can be found in several distinct flavors. Firstly there are cleanup software products such as the free CCCleaner software, which clean up non-critical files and give back usable space in the process. There are 'PC privacy' tools designed to clean out evidence of browsing URLs and get rid of the previously typed URLs from drop down lists from IE and Firefox, and some other browsers, software such as Privacy Eraser. Another type of utility is the 'porn remover', that can pick up on porn images and video files or other suspicious items and can simplify the removal of these items. The last category of drive cleaners comprising disk 'washing' software which can overwrite with 1s and 0s, random data from anywhere on the disk such that it may not be found by others.

Before cleaning a hard drive you should consider the available options; one option is to go through all files and select the ones to remove, or there is software automation. If you manually clean the drive, this involves going through the folders then coming up with a list of which items can be erased safely, and removing them on a per item basis. This is less risky than running a cleanup program but if there are many files and folders this can take time and energy. There are also automated programs that make use of system dates such as the file accessed date, and use this information to build a list of the files that are then used to clean up the drive with no user intervention. Also remember that these software tools can do more; many can also clean up free drive space, detect and remove pornography, find unlicensed software installed on the computer, and find out how to recover disk space.

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