This software can find and remove Malay sex files on your PC


If you have a problem with illegal or unwanted files including Malayan sex files on your computer, then Snitch is the tool for you. Only Snitch allows you to automatically find undesirable adult material and then purge the unwanted files, including 'Malay or Malayan sex' related items. Snitch is the only tool that actually scans for pictures and videos on the hard drive. Snitch actively detects nudity in these files to help sort out offensive material from normal pictures and videos.

There are a range of 'evidence eliminating' style tools which, despite their claims to the contrary, do not actually check for or delete image or video files. Snitch can display any Malay sex files that have been found, and delete them from the computer.

As well, Snitch can scan for offensive URLs in internet history and cookies, check inside compressed files for undesirable files, scan across networks, check for files with incorrect file extensions, generate reports and more. Rid your computer of Malay sex files today!

For more information on Snitch and to try out the FREE DEMO, click here.

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